Aquaculture and Fisheries

Subcon offers an extensive range of reef modules designed and deployed by our expert team. We have excellent track record in both reef module design, reef architecture and reef deployment. Our reefs can be tailored to target specific species and we also have modules designed to support shell fish such as scallops, oysters and abalone.

Subcon reef modules can be used to restore habit, create new habitat or provide wave attenuation and storm surge protection whilst supporting diverse marine ecosystems. Our range of commercial fishery enhancements including ranching solutions for abalone and shell fish are market leading.

Subcon creates value for our clients by providing premium products and services that reduce installation times and save vessel costs. Our complex reef forms ensure reefs are both productive, diverse, stable in the design environmental conditions and rapid to install. Backed by extensive tanks testing and field trials, our Reef TempleTM, Reef-Matt TM, self installing Reef TowerTM, Apollo Modules and AbitatTM are beautifully designed to create crypted habitat, vertical relief and upwelling. Our flow modification and stability assessments are backed by tank testing and detailed design reports.

We hold records for reef module volume and deployment speeds and can deliver 1200m3 reefs in under 2 days! The self installing ReefTowerTM is a ground breaking innovation allowing clients to install massive high relief reefs without the need for very expensive crane barges.

Check out our latest video of our Port Macquarie Reef Installation: