Tidal Energy

Subcon’s grouting and seabed stabilisation solutions provide excellent construction and anti erosion options to our clients for tidal generator foundation grouting, scour protection and cable stabilisation.  Our ultra high strength marine grouting and scour protection systems are already employed on Carnegie Wave Energy and Bombora Wavepower projects.

Our innovative self installing foundations provide a cost effective option to tidal energy developers and builds on Subcon’s passion for improving the viability of renewable energy.

Our range of products and services includes:

MattressesGrout Mattresses, Articulated Concrete Mattresses, CoastMattTM,

GeotextilesCoastMattTM, Large Sand Bags, Prefilled Grout Bags.

Pile Grouting – Recirculating Jet Mixers for High Strength Grouting, Magnum Pan Mixers for Rapid Ultra High Strength Grouting.

Where impact on fishing grounds is an issue, Subcon can provide reef enhancement solutions to provide alternative fishing grounds and to work with the offshore wind farm itself to increase overall productivity of the adjacent fisheries.

ReefsReef TempleTM, ReefMattTM, ReefTowerTM, ApolloModulesTM, AbitatTM.

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