Inland Waterways, Dams, and Bridges

Subcon’s grouting and seabed stabilisation solutions provide excellent construction and anti erosion options to our clients for Coastal Armouring, Revetments, Dams, Canals, Wharves, Jetties, Bridges, Mooring Dolphin Grouting, Boat Ramps, Berthing Pocket Stabilisation, Channel Marker Repair, Pile Repair, Pile and Caisson Corrosion Remediation, Beach Erosion Control, Shore Crossing and Micro Tunnel Grouting and Stabilisation and Outfall Stabilisation. Our ultra high strength marine grouting and scour protection systems have found applications across a wide range of port, dam and bridge infrastructure challenges.

Subcon prides itself on choosing the solution that is right for each application from our impressive range of products. We always aim to provide solutions that reduce installation costs and improve long term performance. This is part of Subcon’s DNA!

We can also work with clients to reduce stabilisation requirements, streamline grouting operations, design contingencies into the construction activities and where required, manage marine spreads for the execution of the works.

Our range of products and services includes:

MattressesGrout Mattresses, Articulated Concrete Mattresses, CoastMattTM

GeotextilesCoastMattTM, Large Sand Bags

GroutingHigh Strength Grouting, Ultra High Strength Grouting

ReefsTempleTM, ReefMattTM, ReefTowerTM, ApolloModulesTM