Hardie Reef Hervey Bay

Australia’s Largest Offshore Artificial Reef Installed At Hervey Bay by Subcon Technologies

The creation of two artificial reefs in the Great Sandy Marine Park means the time has come for families to enjoy a new exciting place to fish, snorkel and dive. Perth based market leader, Subcon Technologies Pty Ltd has successfully completed the installation on the 1st June 2015. The artificial reefs comprise 30 ReefTempleTM modules each 5m high and weighing 23Te.

Location of Simpson and Hardie OARs

The 80 hectare Simpson Reef has been installed in 10 metres water depth near the Outer Banks and the Hardie Reef is in 16 metres north-east of Little Woody Island. The new artificial reefs will enhance recreational fishing as well as diving in the great sand straight behind Fraser Island.

Minister for National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef Dr Steven Miles said the two new artificial reefs will create new habitat for marine life and recreational fishing and diving opportunities.

The Simpson and hardy reefs will provide support for coral communities to establish and complex habitat for sustainable communities of marine life to establish. We expect divers to see interesting creatures around the structures within weeks of completion and fishing should have improved substantially within 18 months.

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