Scour Protection


Subcon’s scour protection systems are designed to suit both the soil type and the application. Applications include monopile scour protection, pipeline stabilisation, subsea structure stabilisation, shore crossings, cable stabilisation, berthing pocket stabilisation, wharf and boat ramp protection, channel and canal revetments, dam spillway revetments, bridge footing scour protection, outfalls and seawater intake protection. Our mattresses combined with our artificial reefs provide the ideal solution for coastal armouring and shoreline stabilisation.

We have an extensive range of passive solutions including articulating flexible matts backed by geotextiles, composite high performance systems suited to high velocity scour applications, inflatable grout pillows and grout skirts as well as our standard range of articulating concrete mattresses. Subcon’s range of fronded matts offer an active solution to remediating and protecting against scour in transient seabed scenarios.