Pipelines & Subsea Structures

Subcon has a number of options in its tool kit for the scour protection of pipelines.  We’ve a number of example where we’ve employed a hybrid solution of rock and mattresses to provide immediate support to the pipe combined with ongoing protection and active deposition.  This is particularly relevant for pipelines in high current applications such as river crossings, tidal estuaries and offshore.  We have also applied our methods to a number of ocean outfalls and shore crossings.

Case Study: Scour Remediation Using Composite Systems

Subcon’s frond mattresses have been designed in conjunction with the University of Western Australia to develop a mattress to reduce the velocity of water particles passing around a structure by reducing the particle velocity and causing them to fall out of suspension.  The result is a sand bank or berm that is actively deposited at the frond matt.  Our projects have proven these to be beneficial in high scour applications around PLETs, PLEM and SSIVs as well as pipelines and piled foundations.

Case Study: SSIV Hybrid scour remediation

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