25kg Sand/Cement/Mortar Bag

Subcon sand, cement and mortar bags are specifically designed with multiple handles for diver and ROV installation which means the ROV doesn’t have to search for one handle. The bag material is heavy duty, with extended wear resistance, to prevent loss of the fill material once in place.

Our bags can be filled with sand, mortar mix or cement to suit the client’s needs. Typically, we include a water proof liner for cement and mortar fill mixes.

“Project Engineers who understand that every offshore minute counts recommend Subcon 25kg bags because they require no manual handling and are faster to install”.


  • Durable Materials
  • Prepacked in subsea deployable 2te BulkBags Removes Manual Handling
  • 4 handles for faster subsea handling


  • Flying lead stabilisation
  • Subsea deployment
  • Umbilical turning bollards
  • Freespan correction
  • Alternative to manual handling

The bags can be delivered on pallets, however our 2Te rated offshore bulkabags are the ideal way of handling these bags onto the vessel and for deployment subsea.


 Principal Particular Value
 Dry Weight in Air  ~25kg
 Operation Weight (Submerged and Activated) ~16kg
 Nominal Fill Density 1300-1400kg/m3
Length 500mm
Width 300mm
Thickness 75mm
 Proof Load (2 x WLL) 40kg
 Minimum Breaking Load 100kg
 Denier (weave density) 180g/m2
 Thread Bonded Nylon (anti-rot)
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