Coast Matt

CoastMattTM incorporates concrete blocks cast directly onto polypropylene loopmatting. This guarantees excellent bonding and durability for harsh environments including nearshore stabilization and onshore revetments with high UV exposure. CoastMattTM is the ideal solution for scour prevention, offshore scour control, foreshore stabilization, channel and river revetments and coastal pipeline stabilisation.

Subcon have deployed CoastMattTM based solutions for offshore energy, inland waterways and coastal applications including:


  • Port Berthing Pockets;
  • Outfall Stabilisation;
  • Riverbanks;
  • Breakwaters;
  • Dam Spillways;
  • Tailing dams;
  • Engineered Fish Passages and Fishways;
  • Boat Ramps;
  • Coastal Erosion Control;
  • Subsea Structures;
  • Heavy Load Roadways;
  • Monopile Scour.

Key Features

  • High Velocity Flow Scour Protection;
  • Rapid installation rate;
  • Up to 100 year durability;
  • Resistant against chemical and biological degradation;
  • Rope loops for rapid diver installation;
  • Scour control skirts provide continuous core containment;

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