Subcon’s purpose built FishTowersTM  are specifically designed to attract Pelagic fish species.  First installed off the WA coast over the summer of 2016/17, Subcon’s FishTower is made from our ISO frame frame technology to offer economical customised solutions to installing large surface area reefs that are self-installing and able to be commercially transported to the fabrication site.

The two FishTowersTM weigh 75Te each, stand 12m tall and are designed to survive a 100 year storm event which includes a 24m high wave!

Subcon uses customer 20ft ISO steel frames with increased wall thickness to protect the structure from corrosion.  THe 20ft ISO footprint means the modules can be shipped globally.  Assembly and launching can be done at most typical marinas which have a travel lifter.  A local tug them simply tows the structure to site where the reef is ballasted into position!

The FishTowersTM structures feature vertical reliefs and customized crypts designed specifically to recruit target fish species and provide sustainable habitats.

Our unique experience as designers, fabricators and installers of offshore structures makes us a uniquely Australian option for artificial reefs.

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