Grout Bags

Subcon Sand and Grout Bags save you time offshore…

Subcon offer standard 20kg polypropylene bags for deploying grout and sand by divers and ROV. Our unique handles ensure that bags can be easily manoeuvred subsea and rapidly placed at the worksite.

Bags can be filled with sand, aggregates or cement to provide different densities and performance subsea. The bags can also be lined with water resistant liners if required to provide longer shelf life and prolonged workability for grout bags once they are deployed subsea. Our bags are load tested and certified by NATA approved 3rd party test facilities here in Australia.

Flying Lead Stabilisation Bags

Subcon are pleased to offer their 75kg custom designed grout bag for applications such as flying lead stabilisation, anti-scour protection and freespan correction in high current applications. Our custom bags are based on our proven construction, handling and general arrangements. They are also load tested and certified in country.

These bags are water tight sealed so that they can be placed on the pipe before being activated by the diver or ROV. The bag is designed to provide 45kgs of on-bottom weight.

Offshore Rated 2Te Bulka-Bags

Subcon offers its own range of bulka-bags specifically designed for offshore applications. Our bags are rated to WLL>2Te for 1m3 bags. This ensures a nominal 1Te payload of sand or cement will comfortably meet splash zone DAFs for deployment and have spare capacity for entrained water mass in the event that the bags are to be recovered.

Lifting safety is paramount offshore. All Subcon bulka-bags are designed with four lift points. They are also provided with engineering report and batch load test certification from a NATA.

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