Standard Formwork

Subcon offers a standard range of fabric formwork grout bags for pipeline support to assist in the rectification of free-spans for subsea pipelines. Subcon fabric formwork supports can also be custom designed to a client’s required specification.

Subcon Fabric Formwork grout bags are made from high quality woven UV resistant Polypropylene which is filled in-situ to create a supporting structure. The shape of the final form is defined by the shape of the grout bag.

For free spans less than 500mm in height we offer the S Series bag, whilst our P Series which are pyramid shaped bags, are suited to span heights 500mm and greater.

S Series

The Subcon range of S (Slab) Series grout bags are for free spans less than 500mm in height. View the brochure to see different sizes that suit varying diameters and free span heights.

P Series

The Subcon range of P (Pyramid) Series bags are suitable for spans with heights equal to or greater than 500mm.

In the series are a range of types to suit various pipe diameters.

Within each type are models to suit varying free span height ranges.

Please refer to the tables within the brochure to see all details for the standard Subcon P Series range.

Diver and ROV Installed Supports

Subcon fabric formwork is designed to be diver and ROV friendly. Subcon grout bags have high visibility markings for locating the pipeline, corner tie down/securing loops and over pipe straps.

Subcon ROV bags are deployed complete with ROV friendly connectors to allow the ROV to change out hoses subsea for inflating multiple sealed section grout bags. Subcon ROV bags can be deployed using Subcon’s rotating installation table.

Grouting Equipment

Subcon has a full range of grouting equipment including; Grout spreads, Cement Silos and installation aids to assist in the deployment and inflation of subsea fabric formwork.

Subcon equipment (including silos) is designed to DNV 2.7-1 with an R30 code to allow offshore lifting laden or otherwise. All equipment is supplied with MPI and Load Test certificates and with certified rigging.

Through Subcon’s VOC system competency of Subcon personnel in operation of our equipment is assured.

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