Flying Lead Stabilisation

Subcon has designed and provided over 3000 flying lead grout bags for clients including BHP Billiton’s Macedon project, Origin Energy’s Otway Phase Three, Chevron’s Gorgon Project and Total for umbilical stabilisation in West Africa. These bags were custom designed by Subcon to meet the requirements for subsea placement and activation by ROV.


  • Reduces installation time by up to 75%.
  • Encases the flying leads providing superior stability long term compared with 20kg bags.
  • Multiple handles for approach from any angle by ROV = faster handling.
  • Watertight liner activated on demand subsea means multiple bags can be lifted by ROV.
  • Delivered in Subcon’s custom built 2Te “subsea” bulkabags that can be deployed directly subsea – removing the need for manual handling on deck.
  • The ROV bags are designed to provide 45kg-50kg submerged weight.

The thermally sealed liner ensures the cement stays dry until the bag is placed on the flying lead.

The density of the activated grout bags in water is 1900kg/m3. ROV friendly handles were also provided in order to make installation easier

The bags are deployed onto the flying leads by ROV in pairs. The sealed liners reduce the submerged weight to facilitate ease of handling onto the flying lead.

Once in position on the flying lead, the bags were activated using the ROV manipulator or a stabbing tool.

Also we have maximised the weight per bag. When compared with installing 20kg

bags the installation time is reduced by 75%.

“Subcon were extremely willing to tailor a grout bag solution. The result was ideal for our purposes”

Project Engineer at McDermott, Perth, Australia.