NSW DPI will be deploying two offshore artificial reefs off the southern Sydney coast to increase fishing opportunities in the region. The reefs will be accessible from Port Botany and Port Hacking.  Australian Reef Specialists, Subcon have been engaged to execute the design, fabrication and installation of the modules with installation to take place in September and October 2017.


Reef Layout and Location

Named in honour of the late John Dunphy, a national fishing industry giant, the reef complex comprises 36 ReefTemplesTM to form Australia’s largest artificial reef at approximately 3600m3. The modules are 4m x 4m and stand 8.5m high.  The modules will be installed in groups, clustered within a 100m by 100m area.  Subcon worked with local vessel owners and fabricators in Sydney and Newcastle to deliver the reef complexes which are similar in design to the Port Macquarie and Shoalhaven offshore artificial reef designs.

Reef Features

The ReefTemplesTM are designed to create complex, sustainable and productive habitat that promotes the establishment of diverse marine ecosystems. The angled faces of the structure together with the wings promote upwelling to create an area of turbulence above the structure which attracts pelagic species. The pyramid shape of the ReefTempleTM provides complex habitat for demersal fish, while allowing enough light into the structure to promote growth of marine flora and fauna on the surface of the concrete. The steel spires promote further surface growth of mussels to a higher level of the water column.

About Subcon

Subcon is Australia’s leading reef contractor.  Subcon provides the full range of reef services for coastal habitat restoration, habitat enhancement projects, conversion of existing structures into artificial reefs, coastal erosion control structures and aquaculture.  Subcon is leading developments in delivering Living Harbours and habitat enhancement for coastal erosion control.






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