We are pleased to announce that Subcon has received recertification of its ISO 9001, 4801 and 18001 for our Quality and Safety Management System including extensions which incorporate our international operations in Singapore and Europe. We are particularly proud of this achievement as it demonstrates our commitment to providing the highest quality products and services to our clients and further establishes Subcon as the world’s leader in concrete marine solutions. The extensions and recertification are a significant milestone which recognises our continual efforts to improve and reflects our on-going investment in innovation and delivery.

Subcon’s certification of compliance recognises that our policies, practices and procedures ensure consistent quality in the services and products that we deliver every day to our clients.  The ISO 9001, 4801 and 18001 applies to all facets of our business. What’s more, levels of excellence will only improve over long term with future audits by our in-house, DNV certified, lead auditor.

Managing Director, Matthew Allen said, “Rigorous delivery for our clients is a key value for us at Subcon.  We’re passionate about guaranteeing our innovations deliver value to our clients.  Our ISO accreditation demonstrates just how far our team will go to ensure the best quality of work is delivered for all of our clients and we’re proud of what we’ve achieved”.