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Brighton Breakwater Remediation

Subcon > Case Study > Brighton Breakwater Remediation
Client: HOP (Brighton Marina Estate Management)

The breakwater surrounding Brighton Marina consists of 110 ballast filled caissons +10m radius.

For stability and design-life-extension, it was required to remove the existing caisson ballast and re-fill them with mass pour concrete.

Subcon scope

Subcon was awarded the full remedial scope for 23 caissons as part of the bi-annual maintenance program.

A total of 8,225m3 of sand was excavated and 18,513m3 of concrete was batched on site and poured into the caissons.

The East breakwater works were executed with a marine spread (5 barges) in the marina and a  long reach excavator on a jack-up barge. The excavated sand was reused as aggregate for the concrete mix. A batch plant with an output of 30m3/hr was used to produce and pump concrete from a barge into the emptied caissons.

The West breakwater works were land based, a suction truck was used to remove the sand from the caissons. The sand was used in the concrete mix, which was batched on site by Subcon.

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