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Case Study

Amrun Dolphin Grouting

Amrun Dolpin Grouting Subcon > Case Study Client: McConnel Dowell Constructors As part of the Amrun wharf construction in North Queensland, Australia, McConnel Dowell Constructors contracted Subcon to grout the pile/leg annuluses of seven jacket structures. In total 324m3 of grout was used to complete

Amrun Port Terminal Scour Protection

Amrun Port Terminal Scour Protection Subcon > Case Study Client: Bechtel (Rio Tinto) The Amrun project includes the construction of a range of infrastructure required to support Bauxite mining and production including a processing plant and port near Boyd Bay, a dam, tailings storage facility,

APLNG RORO protection

APLNG RORO protection Subcon > Case Study Client: Bechtel As part of the port upgrades for the new build LNG terminal, the Fisherman’s Landing Roll-on, Roll-off (FLNE RoRo) Ramp required additional scour protection for the larger vessels now frequenting the port. Subcon scope Supply scour

Brighton Breakwater Remediation

Brighton Breakwater Remediation Subcon > Case Study Client: HOP (Brighton Marina Estate Management) The breakwater surrounding Brighton Marina consists of 110 ballast filled caissons +10m radius. For stability and design-life-extension, it was required to remove the existing caisson ballast and re-fill them with mass pour

Cape Preston Berth Pocket

Cape Preston Berth Pocket Subcon > Case Study Client: Citic Pacific To accommodate a new 170m long vessel, Citic Pacific required the port’s berthing pocket to be deepened from 10m to 11m. The existing rock revetment had been sized for smaller vessels and needed stabilisation

Chevron Wheatstone Annulus Plug

Chevron Wheatstone Annulus Plug Subcon > Case Study Client: Technip On Chevron’s Wheatstone platform communication between the ocean and the annulus was observed, corrosion mitigation was critical to maintain both the J-Tubes structural capacity in the high current environment and its integrity as it passes

Wheatstone J-Tube and Flowline Stabilisation

Wheatstone J-Tube and Flowline Stabilisation Subcon > Case Study Client: Technip Offshore facilities to gather and partially process gas and associated condensate and deliver it onshore for further processing. Key offshore components include: Well infrastructure and subsea installations  Gas processing platform in 73m of water

Coastal Erosion Control Mauritius

Coastal Erosion Control Mauritius Subcon > Case Study Client: Sotravic / UNDP Mon Choisy beach located along the northwest coast of Mauritius suffers from erosion problems at the southern end. The fringing reef that lies offshore of Mon Choisy is responsible for dissipating wave energy,

Exmouth Integrated Artificial Reef

King Reef - Integrated Rig to Reef Subcon > Case Study Client: BHP / NERA / Recfishwest Subcon and project partners WA Fisheries, Recfishwest, BHP, NERA established the first Integrated Artificial Reef in the Asia Pacific Region. The reef realises the innovative idea concieved by

Esperance Nearshore Artificial Reef

Esperance Nearshore Artificial Reef Subcon > Case Study Client: Department of Fisheries (Western Australia) The Department of Fisheries commissioned the installation of a Nearshore Artificial Reef off the coast of Esperance, on the southern coast of Western Australia. Subcon scope Subcon performed the design, construction