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Chevron Wheatstone Annulus Plug

Subcon > Case Study > Chevron Wheatstone Annulus Plug
Client: Technip

On Chevron’s Wheatstone platform communication between the ocean and the annulus was observed, corrosion mitigation was critical to maintain both the J-Tubes structural capacity in the high current environment and its integrity as it passes through some critical tanks.

Subcon scope

Subcon was contracted by Technip to engineer, test and deliver the solution to Chevron. The scope included design and qualification testing for the reversible plug. A full scale mock-up of the J-Tube and Umbilical was built at our Henderson facility.

A range of leak paths up to 25mm diameter and including steel armor wiring were created and demonstrated to be sealed and a thermal load testing of the mockups was conducted to determine the effects of heat on shrinkage and conductivity.

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