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C.Y. O’Connor Erosion Prevention

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C.Y. O’Connor Beach, situated along the coastline of Perth, has historically experienced significant
coastal erosion issues, with the shoreline eroding by more than 50m over the past 20 years. 

The erosion resulted in significant dune loss which required the relocation of coastal paths and periodic sand replenishment, costing the City of Cockburn more than $500,000.

Subcon Solution

Subcon installed 135 Wave Attenuating Fringing Modules 100m offshore along the northern coastline of C.Y. O’Connor Beach. The modules help reduce energy from ocean swell allowing coastal sand to fall out of suspensions and settle along the coastline. 

The reefs will double as a local tourism drawcard, as the module becomes colonised by marine flora and fauna.

The project will be monitored over time to gauge the success of coastal erosion mitigation and will serve as a valuable example for national and international government and commercial organisations.

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