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Esperance Nearshore Artificial Reef

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Subcon has brought reef installation into the 21st century by utilising our custom, hands-free, robotic lift tools.  We have removed the need for divers and in the process made reef installation safer, faster, and more economical!

Client: Department of Fisheries (Western Australia)

The Department of Fisheries commissioned the installation of a Nearshore Artificial Reef off the coast of Esperance, on the southern coast of Western Australia.

Subcon scope

Subcon performed the design, construction and installation of 128 reef substrate modules;

• 96 off Apollo modules,
• 16 off Abitat modules, and
• 16 off Bombora modules.

Named “Cooper Reef” after Graham Cooper.  Graham is an inaugural member of the Esperance Deep Sea Angling Club and is one of the driving forces to getting a new reef for his community.

Graham has also played a huge role in the fishing safety space by educating almost 10,000 school students on the south coast about fishing safety over the last decade.

The 8 month survey speaks for itself!

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