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Shell Malampaya Pipeline Walking

Subcon > Case Study > Malampaya Pipeline Walking
Client: Shell

The Malampaya Twin Phase Flowline 1 (TPF1) was shown to have walked in the axial direction 1.8m, resulting in sever stresses at the PLES.

Subcon developed a pipe clamping mattress (PCM) in conjunction with Shell to arrest further pipeline axial walking.

Subcon scope

Detailed design and supply of concrete mattresses for axial stabilisation of TPF1.

  • 15x PCM (2.75m x 4m x 0.5m, 9.1Te)
  • 15x Log Mattress (2.5m x 5m x 0.6m, 11.8Te)

Prior to fabrication, Subcon completed a full-scale System Integration Test (SIT) at our Australian fabrication yard.

Subcon was awarded a Shell Certificate of Excellence, and later, the sole global licence for the now Shell patented Pipe Clamping Mattress.

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