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Offshore wind

Intelligent ocean engineering with benefits for marine habitats.

We provide engineered solutions and products for the offshore wind industry that enable marine communities to thrive. Our service offering includes engineered reefs, monopile and jacket scour protection, cable stabilisation, structural grouting on both MP/TP connections and grouted socket foundations. 


We develop innovative solutions to provide significant installation cost-efficiencies. Take our single-lift scour collar for large diameter monopiles – not only does it provide cost savings, it also removes the risk of scour, reduces offshore logistics associated with rock, increases pile effectiveness, stability and seismic resilience. Our stabilisation solutions incorporate natural ecological features to enhance marine habitats.

Marine Grouting

We deliver large volume, high strength grouting of monopile foundations, tripod foundations and transition pieces. Learn more about our large volume marine grouting solutions via the links below.


We offer wind farm developers the opportunity to enhance marine ecology within the footprint of their wind farms through our world leading reef deployment experience. This allows degraded ecosystems to be restored and optimised during the design life of the wind farm. Learn more about our large scale ecological solutions via the links below.


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