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Oil & Gas

Innovative solutions for improved oil and gas outcomes.

We provide expert solutions for oil and gas businesses looking to enhance environments and improve their efficiencies with innovative stabilisation, marine grouting and engineered reef applications.


Our stabilisation solutions address pipeline walking, pipeline stability, scour and free-spanning with a focus on cost-efficiency. We design, fabricate and install pre-cast and cast-in-situ solutions using both standard and heavy density mix designs, as well as fabric formworks for underwater grout placement. We offer a range of standard formwork options and can also engineer bespoke solutions for any pipeline diameters and span heights.

Marine Grouting

We supply water-resistant marine grouting solutions to protect and rehabilitate structures in marine environments both onshore and underwater. Our marine grouting solutions include jacket grouting, foundation grouting, under-base grouting, heavy density grouting, j-tube seals, jacket structural repairs and flooded member repairs.


We apply our world-leading reef experience to rig decommissioning by repurposing existing structures into engineered, integrated reefs in tier-1 regulatory environments. With a proven track record, we successfully utilise and augment retired infrastructure components, transforming them into reefs with abundant marine life. We passionately support operators and communities to create sustainable marine habitats, employment and tourism opportunities throughout the globe.

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