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OMV Maari Jacket Leg Repair

Subcon > Case Study > Maari NZ Jacket Leg Repair
Client: OMV

Fatigue cracking of the K Joint had occurred below the waterline and flooding between the ocean and the annulus was observed.

Strengthening and corrosion mitigation was critical to maintaining the leg’s structural capacity.

Subcon scope

Subcon worked with the Client and Worley Parsons to deliver a high strength grouted connection between the jacket leg member and an internally placed mandrel. The grout Subcon specified was BASF Masterflow 4510, a cementitious, high strength, 80MPa, non-shrink, deep pour, precision grout. Subcon is a licensed BASF applicator. The grout was placed within the platform leg in an annulus between the leg and a mandrel specially designed to reduce the volume of grout required and allow future inspections of the leg internals below the repair location.

A full scale mock-up of the platform Leg and Mandrel was built by Subcon and tested at our Henderson facility. The testing was critical to demonstrate the flowability of the grout around the mandrel.

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