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OTC Paper on PCMs

Subcon’s PCMs are an extremely effective and efficient solution addressing pipeline walking. This paper was jointly presented by Shell, Woodside, BP and UWA at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston in August 2021.  The paper discusses PCMs as a targeted solution to axially restrain pipelines at chosen locations with performance data analysis in relation to multiple soil types including Angolan Clay, Gulf of Mexico Clay and Carbonate Sands.

Key takeaways:

  • The performance of PCMs for a range of soil types, highlighting increases in axial resistance over time.
  • The effect of embedment does not cause the clamping action to release.
  • Long term anchoring forces in the range 50%-150% of the submerged weight of the PCM are demonstrated.
  • PCMs are a more efficient solution compared with piling, anchors, rock dumping or standard concrete mattresses.

New to PCMs?

PCMs are a proven technology with 5 successful projects in the last 6 years. National Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility (NGCF) testing allows designers to estimate confidently what the PCM requirements are for their project, minimising fabrication, transportation and installation costs.

PCMs are revolutionary in that they offer a targeted approach to pipeline walking, which in turn allows us to efficiently address the specific issues faced on each project. With the PCM solution you can define, visualise and target the most efficient placement points enabling less load (and fewer materials) for an improved outcome.

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Complimentary download of the 2021 OTC PCM paper

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