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Pipeline Walking Mitigation Webinar

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At Subcon, design is all about three things: engineering to reduce inefficiency, collaborating for sustainability, and investing in R&D to find new solutions to common problems. That’s how we ended up collaborating with Shell with support from the University of Western Australia to come up with the Pipeline Clamping Mattress – a revolutionary way to mitigate pipeline walking that reduces materials, logistics and installation time by over 60%.

Earlier this year, Dr Phil Watson, Sze Yu Ang, Marijn Hooghoudt and Matthew Allen presented a webinar to viewers all around the world who wanted to learn more about our revolutionary solution to pipeline walking. Dr Watson provided the latest data from the National Geotechnical Centrifuge Facility and Sze Yu Ang gave an overview of Shell’s Malampaya project. Attendees of the webinar learnt how PCMs efficiently apply weight to pipelines, how the axial restraint develops over time, how they were applied in brownfields applications to live pipelines and how they can be used to optimise greenfield developments.

Catch up on the webinar by watching the video or head to our Pipeline Walking Mitigation page for more information.