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Berth Pockets


We have extensive experience in the stabilisation of berthing pockets for bulk material vessels, MOFs and RORO vessels. All Subcon Berthing Pocket scour protection solutions meet industry-standard PIANC guidelines.


Subcon can provide their CoastMat product for berth pocket stabilisation. This concrete block mattress has a goetextile base that removes the requirement for a filter layer when using traditional rip rap. This means less dredging is required and less rock to be deployed providing significant savings in materials and logistics.

Subcon offers hybrid solutions using both precast and in-situ grouted solutions. In addition to the scour protection CoastMats, Subcon can design and fabricate custom fabric formworks that fits to sheet pile ingresses and the areas around pile caps where precast solutions can’t be deployed. Subcon can offer the grouting plant and personnel to place the grout for these solutions.

For capital works, the scour protection is the last scope of work after piling and dredging. Subcon can provide significant added value by providing a complete supply and installation scope of the scour protection. This allows our Clients to demobilise project vessels early and save signigicant costs on the project.

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