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  • Compact for transport
  • Rapid fabrication
  • 50-year design life
  • Sustainable

Our Bombora Module is constructed from our proprietary Blue-Crete – a fibre reinforced, 50MPa, low carbon, pH modified, marine concrete. Blue-Crete is designed to deliver extended life and durability in marine environments whilst promoting marine growth and minimising your project’s carbon footprint. 

Subcon Blue-Crete uses environmentally friendly cement ingredients to lower carbon emissions in concrete production. The neutral pH of the Blue-Crete is designed to mimic that of seawater which encourages more rapid settlement of benthic organisms onto the structure.

Bombora has been deployed in a broad range of applications, from breakwater enhancement, erosion control, fisheries enhancement and decommissioning.  Their value in wave attenuation and habitat enhancement is demonstrated and well understood.

The design of Bombora builds on our extensive experience with engineered reef substrates and incorporates specific wave attenuation design to combine coastal protection with marine habitat enhancement. In 2021, Subcon tank-tested the Bombora’s at UWA and UTas to determine their effectiveness in wave attenuation and to optimise the design. You can learn more about the tank testing in the video below or by contacting one of our engineers.

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