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Cable Stabilisation

Offshore power production and global network connection has resulted in a boom in the number of submarine cables installed worldwide. By nature, submarine cables are flexible and have low submerged weights. This makes them quick to install from a cable lay vessel but results in low on‐bottom stability when exposed to environmental loading from currents and waves. Techniques to improve cable stability have been largely borrowed from the oil and gas pipelay industry such as subsea trenching and concrete mattresses.

Our stabilisation systems are designed to provide the most efficient form of stabilisation for subsea power and umbilical cables in the offshore wind industry.

We have an extensive range of solutions including rock bolting, articulating concrete mattresses backed by geotextiles, precast concrete clump weights, high-performance armouring of buried pipelines, prefilled grout bags, custom-designed set-in-situ grout bags and grout skirts. Our stabilisation solutions combined with our artificial reef products provide the ideal combination of cable stabilisation and artificial reef habitat enhancement.


For locations where trenching is infeasible and rock dumping is not preferred, cables can be stabilised with one of the following options:

  1. Concrete Mattresses;
  2. Cast Iron Ballast Weights;
  3. Dropped object protection culverts;
  4. Frond mattresses;
  5. Grout inflated culverts;

We recommend designers consult with our engineers to discuss performance criteria including design currents, scour, anchor impact protection and ecological options.
We also encourage our clients to take installation requirements into consideration. Significant schedule, risk and cost benefits can be realised by tailoringthe solution to the marine spread. Please contact one of our engineers to discuss further.

When specifying a crossing, designers need to account for the following:

  • Cable MBR;
  • Abrasion Resistance;
  • Clearance requirements to the pipeline being crossed;
  • Stability of the system including the crossing supports for the design wave and current climate;

Habitat can and should be built into every design. We are passionate about designing solutions that mimic ecosystem services provided by natural reefs.

Cable stabilisation routes can become cooridoors of marine life by including habitat modules at regular intervals into the stabilisation system. Investigate our engineeered ecosystem services through our reef hub and contact one of our ecosystem engineers to discuss options for your project.

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