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CM2000 Continuous Mixer & Pump

Subcon > Portfolios > CM2000 Continuous Mixer & Pump

  • Electric
  • Densitometer
  • Free spans and structural grouting
  • High volumes and speed

The CM2000 is an electric-powered, integrated grout batching plant consisting of a colloidal mixer, continuous feed cement hopper, agitated storage tank and a centrifugal pump, mono pump. The CM2000 is fitted with a densitometer to assist in the rapid mixing of grout slurries and a flow meter for accurate assessment of mixed and pumped grout volumes. The cement hopper is supplied automatically with dry bulk cement by a pneumatic feed from the Subcon 20-foot Horizontal Silo. Grout densities up to 1.96sg can be pumped continuously. The plant is ideal for large offshore foundation applications, free span corrections and structural repairs.

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