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Coastal Erosion Control


Our collection of stabilisation products include geotextile-backed concrete mattresses which are ideally suited to constructing boat ramps, shoreline stabilisation and bridge and canal revetments.

Our in-house solutions include the protection of eroding shorelines, outfalls and pipeline shore crossings.


Subcon’s CoastMat product is a geotextile backed concrete block mattress that is ideal for coastal protection. The geotextile encapsulates all sediment beneath the targeted area and further consolidates the material. The geotextile allows pore pressure release, enabling the sediment to dewater while preventing any sediment migration path.

Engineered fringing reefs are designed to absorb most of the wave energy, whilst allowing much of it to pass. In this way our coastlines’ natural littoral processes are maintained during normal conditions, whilst wave and surge energy is reduced during storm events. to find out more about how engineered reefs can be used to protect your shoreline contact us at

We believe artificial reefs are one of the most effective ways to control coastal erosion. Not only can our specifically designed structures attenuate wave energy, but the by product I that they create new and vital habitat for fish populations and recreational divers alike. For more information on wave attenuating fringing reefs for coastal erosion control, please go to our web page and check out or Mon Coisy case study from Mauritius.

Retreat may be the only option in some cases. In most situations however, the construction of a fringing reef will address the many threats to our shorelines. Erosion patterns can be moderated and modified to allow our coastal populations to preverve their asset values and continue their long relationship with the sea and her shorelines.


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