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Flying Lead Stabilisation

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Our engineers have custom designed 40 kg Saddle bags and 80kg Grout Bags to create an elegant, efficient and rapidly deployable flying lead stabilisation solution to meet the requirements for subsea placement and activation by divers or ROV.

This solution has the following beneficial features:

  • An installation time reduction of up to 75%
  • Multiple handles for approach from any angle by ROV providing a reduction in handling time
  • A watertight lining that is activated on-demand subsea and allows multiple bags to be lifted by ROV.
  • The ability to deploy directly subsea using our custom-built 2Te ‘subsea’ bulk-bags that minimise manual handling on deck.

We always recommend operators use grout for permanent applications.  You can also request the 80KG bags to be supplied using organic materials.


The bags are supplied with a plastic liner to ensure the cement does not commence hydration prior to deployment and increasing shelf life of the product.

The ROV / diver can puncture this during liner installation to ensure the cement commences hydration.

The ROV bags are designed to provide 45kg-50kg submerged weight, which meets the handling capactiy of industry standard WROV’s.

Subcon maintains a constant inventory of this product at its bases Australia, the Netherlands, China and Singapore. These can be air or sea-frieghted depending on urgency.

Depending on the volume of the order and the delivery location, Subcon can provide the stabilisation bags empty to significantly save mobilisation costs.

These can then be filled on site by our client.

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 9.20.54 pm

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