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Foundation Grouting


We have an internationally-recognised reputation for providing pile grouting services to the oil and gas industry. Our high-strength and ultra-high-strength grouts are matched with rapid grouting plants capable of delivering market-leading flow rates which reduce installation time and therefore reduce the cost of installation for our clients.

Our process is supported by experienced grouting engineers and fast, recirculating jet mixers. Our 20ft offshore rated ISO silos facilitate efficient cement transfers.

Ultra-high-strength grouts are mixed in batches using our superior PAN mixers that are fed via auger, silos or bulk bags.


Testing can be provided on our Client’s vessel in Subcon’s offshore DNV rated laboratory.

If 3rd party independent testing is required, Subcon can store samples on the vessel and deliver to onshore labs during port calls.

Subcon has extensive experience in

  • grouting subsea mooring piles,
  • drilled and grouted piles,
  • grout skirt piles and
  • main pile annulus grouting.

Subcon has close relationships with world leaders of pile hammers and drills.  In Australia we have a combined yard with IHC and DDC.

Subcon can provide a turnkey solution for drilled, driven and grouted piles.

Subcon works with the market leaders in grout material to ensure their product is batched and placed in accordance with their technical specifications.

Subcon also provides our own engineered mix designs for both cementitious and non-cementitious grouts.


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