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Jacket Repair

Angola POP

We provide jacket repair solutions using grouted external steel clamps as well as filling existing members.

Whether the challenge is to repair mechanical damage, flooded members, steel corrosion or concrete delamination, we have a range of solutions to suit your needs.

We can provide jacket repairs to extend the original design life, repair weakened members or to meet tough operation conditions.


Depending on the characteristics of the grout required, Subcon can provide a precision grout from market leading grout manufacturing, develop an inhouse mix design or provide a standard ordinary portland cement (OPC) grout.

Subcon’s offshore equipment is all designed to DNV offshore lifting standards meaning the spreads can either be mobilised on a construction vessel which the works can take place from, or a supply vessel can deliver the equipment to the rig and the grouting can take place from the topside.

Subcon can provide packer bags that can be installed in the jacket members and pre-inflated with grout prior to the member being grouted.

These packer bags have a greater reliability than air inflated bags and significantly easier to installed that passive seals.

Angola POP

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