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Offshore 2te Bulk Bags

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  • Road and sea transport
  • Subsea deployment
  • Umbilical turning bollards
  • Freespan correction

Subcon Bulk-Bags are specifically designed for offshore applications. Our bags are rated to AS3668-1989 to WLL>2Te to ensure a nominal 1m3 or 1.4-tonne payload of sand, aggregate or cement and meet splash zone DAFs for deployment.  They have spare capacity for entrained water mass in case the bags require recovering. Subcon Bulk-Bags are designed with four black, UV stabilised lift points. The lifting loops are extra-long for either single point or four-point lifting and fully support the bulk bag for added safety. They are provided with NATA endorsed batch load test certification. We have never had one fail.
Beneficial features:

  • Extra-long lifting loops
  • Removes manual handling
  • Deployed subsea in deepwater

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