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Pipe Clamping Mattress (PCM)

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Getting a Grip on Offshore Pipelines

Subcon specifically engineered a Pipe Clamping Mattress (PCM) that revolutionises pipeline walking mitigation in the global oil and gas industry.

Clients: Shell, BP and Woodside.
The Subcon Pipe Clamping Mattress (PCM) transfers 100% of the ballast directly onto the pipeline, which reduces over 60% of materials, logistics and installation time in comparison to rock dumping and standard concrete mattresses. It is a superior solution over suction pile anchors and removes the need for expensive heavy-lift TandI vessels.


Our PCM is the most efficient system in the market for increasing pipeline axial friction and can be used for multiple pipeline stabilisation requirements in addition to walking mitigation.


The Pipe Clamping Mattress is effective for:

  • Mitigating pipeline walking restraint
  • Increasing buckle control
  • Increasing axial friction
  • Securing both flexible and rigid pipe
  • Optimising Tie-in Spool Design

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