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RipRap Grouting

Our RipRap Grouting solution uses a bespoke grout mix applied on existing or newly installed armour stones combined with high-resistance large fixed elements that have the flexibility to adapt to the shape of underlying layers.

Grouted RipRap can also be applied as a remediation method when loosely placed armour rock shows movement under higher current velocities than expected. Due to the high in-site strength of the RipRap grout product, it is often applied at shaped corners at port terminals where high thruster washes are common.


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The grout consolidates the RipRap that was already been deployed to ensure there is no loss of the surface rock. As the grout fills the void ratio in the placed rock, it also means there is no requirement for a base filter layer further reducing material and installation costs.

Subcon uses their propietry grout mix designs that are purposely made for pumping into loose aggregate. The grout has thixotropic properties that ensures the grout starts to gel after the shear forces (induced by mixing and pumping) are removed. This means the grout fully encapsulates the RipRap without losing its integrity to washout into the surrounding marine environment.

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