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SHR 350 Hose Reel

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  • Hydraulically operated
  • Designed to DNV 2.7-3 (R30)
  • Pumping during deployment
  • 1” to 2” (ID) grout hose

The SHR 350 Hose Reel is hydraulically operated to assist with manual handling of grout hose lengths. This hose reel is packaged in a certified lift frame designed to DNV 2.7-3 (R30). It incorporates a high-pressure swivel to allow material to be pumped through the hose while being deployed or recovered if required. The reel can be fitted with 1” to 2” (ID) grout hose. A 7.5kW HPU that delivers hydraulic fluid to the reel at a rate of 20Ltr/min and at 160Bar can be supplied. Alternately hydraulic supply from the vessel or alternate HPU can be utilised.

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