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SPM 10000 PAN Mixer & Pump

Subcon > Portfolios > SPM 10,000 Pan Mixer & Pump

  • Ultra high strength grouts
  • High-density grouts
  • Small footprint
  • Simultaneous loading, mixing and pumping
  • High volumes and speed

Our new high capacity twin Pan Mixer is designed to mix ultra high strength grout (UHS) at a rate of 10m3/hour. The mixing skid consists of 2 x 20ft ISO DNV offshore rated frames stacked on top of each other providing a small vessel footprint.

Our SPM 10000 configuration means that larger volumes of grout can be produced which reduces the number of crane movements by simultaneously loading, mixing, and pumping grout.

The Pan Mixer is designed to be able to mix both standard strength concrete and also specialised UHS grout such as using BASF’s MasterFlow 9500 UHS which is the industry standard for offshore wind turbine transition pieces.

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