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TP Grouting


The transition piece (TP) on a wind turbine foundation is the universal method to compensate for non-verticalities in hammered monopile foundations.

Once the TP is exactly levelled, the annulus between the monopile and TP is grouted.


The most common foundation for offshore wind is a monopile (MP) foundation with a transition piece (TP). In this combination, the TP fulfills numerous functions, including:

  • providing the load-transferring function between foundation and tower of the WTG
  • housing for additional electrical equipment
  • compensation of distance between the MP and tower
  • fixation of external outfitting, such as boat landing or external working platform
  • vertical adjustments to the entire foundation consisting of MP and TP.

The grouting allows for verticality, corrosion protection and structural load transfer.

Ultra High Strength as prescribed by the design house to suit to prevailing site conditions.

Although grouted connections are more common, the industry also uses an alternative flanged connections where the MP and TP are bolted together.

This methodology still uses grout, but this is low strength and is for its corrosion protection function.



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