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Underbase Grouting

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A wide variety of gravity-based structures placed on an uneven seabed require measures to create even support. This avoids peak loading at high points without support at the voids.

We offer a range of fabric formwork to fill these voids. For under base formworks, we use a low strength grout simulating the properties of the actual seabed characteristic.


In addition to levelling the seabed in localised areas, underbase grouting techniques can be used for suction bucket piles as a top up where the buckets do not reach the design penetration.

For smaller localised areas, a fabric formwork can be used to hold the grout and no specific performance characteristics would be desired.

For larger free-form grouted areas though, the grout can be tailored to be self settling over large footprints with specialist anti-washout properties.

As part of Subcon’s subsea equipment inventory, we can provide specialist dredge pumps that can be deployed to further level the seabed where grout only may not be the most optimised solution.

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