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Reef renaissance – fusing science, engineering and art.

We are accomplished pioneers of engineered reef solutions, with over 24 large scale reef projects delivered globally to date. Our unique fusion of art, science and engineering is unmatched in the market – Subcon engineered reefs increase fish life by six times and have great engagement from tourists and stakeholders. 

Our working-with-nature approach combines Blue Finance support, market leading technical input and beautiful design to deliver world class infrastructure to sustain marine communities for generations to come.

What is an engineered reef?

Engineered reefs are economically viable, technically proven and environmentally productive reef infrastructures that can be delivered on a large scale. Our designs use advanced computer modelling and tank testing to support diver safety, structural integrity and stability in even the harshest of environments. We are pioneering the use of low carbon footprint reef materials, advanced fabrication methods and remote installation.

We have delivered globally-recognised, industrial scale habitat solutions for fisheries enhancement, reef restoration, coastal erosion control, offshore wind, decommissioning, tourism and living harbour applications.

Independent scientific monitoring has recorded significant and sustained increases in marine abundance. To learn more about our engineered reefs or to speak to one of our engineers or marine biologists, contact us at or complete our contact form.

Reef Design Principles

Nature is already great at building fine scale habitats, which is why we don’t reinvent the natural system – we support it. We’re passionate about delivering scalable solutions that empower thriving marine communities.

We follow the following design principles with all of our engineered reef projects:

  • Stable Durable Substrates
  • Maximise Current Flow
  • Macro Morphology
  • Maximise Surface Area
  • Maximise Vertical Profile
  • Maximise Footprint

What is Blue Finance? 

We are proud to be the first to offer Blue Finance packages globally. Our Blue Finance program utilises Vendor Arranged Finance to fund your reef project. Please talk to us about our lease-to-own and match-fund finance options to help you make your project a success.

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