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Tag: Case Study

Greater Plutonio Pipeline Walking

Greater Plutonio Pipeline Walking Subcon > Case Study Client: BP A wellhead flowline within the Greater Plutonio field experienced substantial walking.  In 2019 BP engaged Subcon to deliever 18 Pipe Clampign Mattresesses (PCMs) which were installed by Oceaneering in early 2020. Subcon scope Detailed design

Malampaya Pipeline Walking

Shell Malampaya Pipeline Walking Subcon > Case Study Client: Shell The Malampaya Twin Phase Flowline 1 (TPF1) was shown to have walked in the axial direction 1.8m, resulting in sever stresses at the PLES. Subcon developed a pipe clamping mattress (PCM) in conjunction with Shell

Merimbula Engineered Reef

Merimbula Engineered Reef Subcon > Case Study Client: NSW Government, Department of Industry The NSW Department of Primary Industries commissioned the installation of an artificial reef off the coast of Merimbula, on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales. Subcon scope Subcon performed the design,

Matola Terminal Scour Protection

Motola Terminal Scour Protection Subcon > Case Study Client: SubTech Grindrod’s Terminal de Carvão da Matola (TCM) operates a dry-bulk terminal in Mozambique which has an export throughput capacity of 7.5 million tonnes. Historically there has been limited inspection and maintenance that has resulted in

Mundaring Weir Outlet Upgrade

Mundaring Weir Outlet Upgrade Subcon > Case Study Client: Clough The Mundaring Weir was constructed in c. 1900 as the potable water source for the Coolgardie Water Supply Scheme. The Mundaring Weir Outlet Works Upgrade included the upgrade and refurbishment of the existing intake tower