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Tag: Coasts and Ports

C.Y. O’Connor Erosion Prevention

C.Y. O'Connor Erosion Prevention Subcon > Coasts and Ports Background C.Y. O’Connor Beach, situated along the coastline of Perth, has historically experienced significant coastal erosion issues, with the shoreline eroding by more than 50m over the past 20 years.  The erosion resulted in significant dune

Morecombe Bay Case Study

Morecombe Bay Case Study Subcon > Coasts and Ports Subcon Solution Subcon was contracted by Allseas for the provision of grouting services and grout material on two drilling platforms that are to be decommissioned on the UK Continental Shelf. In June 2021, offshore services firm

Amrun Dolphin Grouting

Amrun Dolphin Grouting Subcon > Coasts and Ports Client: McConnel Dowell Constructors As part of the Amrun wharf construction in North Queensland, Australia, McConnel Dowell Constructors contracted Subcon to grout the pile/leg annuluses of seven jacket structures. In total 324m3 of grout was used to

APLNG RORO Protection

APLNG RORO Protection Subcon > Coasts and Ports Client: Bechtel As part of the port upgrades for the new build LNG terminal, the Fisherman’s Landing Roll-on, Roll-off (FLNE RoRo) Ramp required additional scour protection for the larger vessels now frequenting the port. Subcon scope Supply

Coastal Erosion Control Mauritius

Coastal Erosion Control Mauritius Subcon > Coasts and Ports Client: Sotravic / UNDP Mon Choisy beach located along the northwest coast of Mauritius suffers from erosion problems at the southern end. The fringing reef that lies offshore of Mon Choisy is responsible for dissipating wave

Kingsford Smith Drive Scour Protection

Kingsford Smith Drive Scour Protection Subcon > Coasts and Ports Client: Lend Lease As part of the widening and upgrade of Kindsford Smith Drive in central Brisbane, Australia, Lend Lease contracted Subcon to design and supply 18,000m2 of scour protection along the road’s revetment interface