How our Blue Competencies can help you…

Tailored Solutions:  Subcon loves to solve the most complex stabilization and marine foundation issues for our clients’ marine assets.

Optimised for Installation:  Typically installation accounts for over half the cost of stabilisation.  Our expert engineers optimise every solution to minimise cost of installation.

For All Marine Assets: Our clients own reefs, resorts, platforms, outfalls, ports, offshore wind farms, wave energy converters, aquaculture, roads, bridges, pipelines, coastal real estate and dams.

Global solutions, delivered by Local Teams: You’ll find Subcon solutions all around the world delivered by our offices in Delft, Singapore, Perth and partners in the USA and Middle East.

Our Blue Competencies: Marine and Coastal Stabilisation, Marine Structure Hydrodynamics, Reef Ecosystem Engineering, Marine Grouting, Marine Construction, Marine Concrete Precasting.


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